‘Creeps,’ an Erotic Horror Novel, Chapter Eighteen

At lunchtime the next day, Guy was walking down the hall and noticed Mark leave the Regulating Room with a look in his eyes that suggested he didn’t want anyone to know what he was up to. Fortunately for Guy, Mark hadn’t seen Guy noticing him as he scurried off to the stairs. 

What’s he up to? Guy thought as he entered the Regulating Room. The place doesn’t open for another hour or two. What was he doing in here for? 

Guy turned on the cameras to the VIP Rooms. He saw Mark enter one of them about ten seconds later. Then into the room went naked Arunny. She looked all doped up on a green Creep, but she exhibited none of the signs of horniness caused by the orange Creeps.  

Guy squinted his eyes to make sure. He zoomed the camera closer to her face, then to her genitals, which showed no signs of orange Creep lubrication. 

Is he planning to fuck her raw? Guy wondered. 

Mark pulled down his pants and opened his ass. Guy noticed an orange Creep crawling into the room, up Mark’s leg, and into his asshole. 

“Oh, dude!” Guy whispered, cringing. He looked over at the other screens, and on two of them he saw Leo and Dino, Mark’s musclemen, each in a VIP Room, too. Dino had a naked girl with him…and Leo had a naked man. “Holy shit.” 

The musclemen, like Mark, had their pants pulled down and their asses opened wide, ready to receive orange Creeps. The slaves they were to screw didn’t receive orange Creeps any more than Arunny had. 

Leo and Dino are gonna fuck the guy and girl raw, too? Guy wondered. 

Guy looked back at Mark and Arunny: sighing Mark now had a full erection; he was ready to screw. 

No orange Creep for any of the slaves, eh? Guy wondered, then zoomed in on Arunny’s pussy again. Still no lubrication. He winced as he saw Mark aim for her and ram in; she was wincing, too—she seemed to be in pain as Mark fucked her. He is fucking her raw. Guy looked back at the video screens for Leo and Dino. He zoomed in on the ass Leo was fucking, then on the vagina Dino was fucking; he saw a little blood in both fucked holes. For fuck’s sake, they’re all fucking the slaves raw; what sadists! The three slaves will be getting pink Creeps to heal their vaginal and anal wounds in about an hour or so, I guess. 


Guy and Thea were with Mark that night in the Regulating Room. 

“Now I have to tell you both about one of Capitol’s more…shall we say…extreme methods of keeping our Commodities in control,” Mark said, setting the cameras to view the sleeping area. “There are a number of things we need to be concerned about regarding the Commodities. Are they getting older, and therefore less attractive, to our clients? Are they showing less and less enthusiasm for sex, and therefore doing it with less skill? Is this lack of enthusiasm due to growing depression and a loss of hope? In other words, the bottom line: are any of the Commodities making less and less money for us? If so, we have a system for reviving that hope, as well as for weeding out undesirables. The ‘Escape Hope Initiative’, as we call it. I’ll demonstrate.”  

Mark pressed a button at the top middle of the console, and Guy and Thea saw doors on the left and right walls of the sleeping room, doors by the beds of those Commodities Mark was tempting to escape, open up, showing entrances to the ‘escape’ tunnels. Two women and a man woke up. One of the women was Kusiima, whom Guy recognized in a second. 

“How did they wake up so easily?” Thea asked in her vocal fry. “I thought you gave them all blue Creeps to knock them out cold for the whole night.” 

“I did,” Mark said. “But those three got a lighter dose.” As the three crept into the tunnels, Mark switched the cameras to ones allowing him to monitor the movement of the three in the tunnels. He also had a computer graphic with three dots moving through a bird’s-eye-view representation of all the tunnels, so he could track the position of all three in the building. Two dots were blue, the third was yellow. Oddly, the bird’s-eye-view graphic representation of the building’s outer walls was shaped rather like a human body, and the tunnels seemed like an alimentary canal and blood vessels. “Now watch them try to escape.” 

It was difficult for Guy and Thea to hide their horror at watching those three doped-up, yet still fearful, naked people crawling through those tunnels in a desperate attempt to escape sexual slavery; it was especially difficult with Mark often looking back at his two new employees, with eyes that seemed to be interested in their reactions. 

Thea, remembering how important loyalty to Capitol was to Mark, faked smirks at the sight of the three trying to escape. I’m not Cameron, she reminded herself in her thoughts as she continued smirking; I’m Thea. Her wish to remember she wasn’t Cameron made her forget her vocal fry again. “Don’t they know it’s winter outside?” she asked in her normal voice. 

Mark furrowed his brow at that feminine sound. 

“Oh, Cameron, they’ve been doped up here for so long, they’re completely disoriented as to the time of year,” he said. “Besides, it’s not like any of them are getting outside. They’re not even sure if what’s happening to them is dream or reality, they’re so high on the blue Creep drug.” 

He pressed yellow and blue buttons on the console, releasing Creeps of those colours. He pointed to the computer graphics showing the blue and yellow dots, with smaller blue and yellow dots representing the Creeps chasing the three Commodities. 

“And now the real fun begins,” Mark said with a grin, again looking back at ‘Jack’ and ‘Cameron’, who quickly turned their frowns into fake grins. Mark’s grin lessened a bit. 

Along with cameras in the tunnels to help Mark and his two employees see the three naked crawlers, with the light giving a false hope to the Commodities that they were nearing a window outside, there were hidden microphones on the tunnel walls so Mark, Thea, and Guy could hear the slaves’ grunts and panting. When they heard the screeching sound of the Creeps behind them, their grunts and panting turned into moans of fear and agitation. 

Thea nudged Guy, pretending to laugh at the Commodities’ terror and widening her eyes to tell him to fake being entertained, too. Guy quickly joined in on the laughs with her and the genuine laughs Mark was letting out, as his eyes watched his new employees with great interest, to know their attitude towards his ‘extreme methods’ of controlling the Commodities. 

Thea’s and Guy’s eyes and mouths widened when the little yellow dot reached the big yellow one. They saw the corresponding Commodity writhing in pain on the TV screen as the yellow Creeps crawled up her legs and entered her body. In a minute, she felt the fire. 

“Aah! I’m burning!” Kusiima screamed. Guy’s jaw dropped lower. 

It took every ounce of their acting ability to pretend to enjoy watching Kusiima’s agonizing death. 

“Good!” Guy shouted. “Fry that fuckin’ nigger!” I can’t believe I just said that, he thought. 

“Yeah! Ha! Ha!” Thea shouted, then suddenly remembered she, as a ‘man’, wasn’t supposed to have so high a pitch. She coughed, then used her vocal fry: “Ugly bitch!” 

Mark looked over at them. With the lights dimmed, he couldn’t see the tears running down their cheeks. 

“I’m glad you both understand the need to weed out the undesirables,” he said. “She wasn’t satisfying our customers as she had been. She was pretty, but her lovemaking hadn’t the enthusiasm it originally had, either. Remember that the Commodities came from poverty, from broken families. Without us, they all would have died on the streets, or in the Third World countries we recruited them from. We don’t take their lives; we extend them. We simply have them die later.” 

Keep rationalizing, you murderer, Guy thought; wanna put one of those yellow worms in you so badly, it hurts. 

“Well, you have to do what you have to do to stay in business, Mark,” Thea said in her gravelly voice. I want to kill you so badly, she thought; I’ll bet this is how you got rid of Guy’s predecessor. “It’s fun watching them crawl around like that.” 

“Yeah,” Guy lied, trying to make his sobs sound like chuckles. 

“A lot of people can’t handle this aspect of what we do here,” Mark said. “I find showing this to new employees to be the ultimate test of their loyalty. I won’t show this to them until after several weeks of training and careful observation of their attitude. You two have passed with flying colours, I’m happy to say.” 

“Thank you, Mark,” Guy and Thea said together. 

I’ll be monitoring you two all the closer now, Mark thought; The politicians and police are all paid for, as you two are, and there’s no way you could prove any of this without downloading video here, which I can easily track with my own devices. We’ll see if you two can still be trusted. I’ll be watching. “OK, Jack and Cameron: good night. I’ll see you both tomorrow.” 

“Good night,” they said to him, and left the room. 

Mark switched the cameras to monitor ‘Jack’ and ‘Cameron’ in the halls. He turned up the volume to catch any conversation…any suspicious words spoken between them. 

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