‘Creeps,’ an Erotic Horror Novel, Chapter Seventeen

After a week of work, Guy and Thea were each given their choice of a ‘Commodity’ to enjoy. Thea chose Petunia, and Guy chose Kusiima. Mark watched both encounters closely, being curious of his new employees’ lechery as a form of gleaned insight into their characters. 


Thea brought her head close to Petunia’s ear and whispered, “I’m Thea,” as softly as she could, in the hopes that no microphone would pick up her voice. She kissed Petunia on the cheek, and as she unzipped her fly and pulled out a realistic-looking strap-on dildo, she wrote T-H-E-A with her finger on Petunia’s belly, standing close enough to Petunia so no hidden cameras would be likely to record her finger-strokes. 


“What do you want me to do?” Mark said into the microphone for Petunia to say, since Guy was with Kusiima at that time, too. 


“Lie on the bed on your back,” Thea said in her vocal fry. “I’ll get on top of you.” 

“OK,” Petunia said, through Mark’s guidance. She lay on the bed and spread her legs. 

Thea got on top of her, but didn’t put the dildo in. She just rubbed it gently on Petunia’s belly. 

Petunia put her right hand on Thea’s ear. Her finger gently settled on the opening. Thea was too occupied with rubbing on Petunia’s belly to notice a brief numbness in her ear. 


That’s it, Cameron, Mark thought; Keep on fucking. You didn’t notice any tech being implanted. A little something to let me be your eyes and ears…well, one eye, and one ear...in case one day, I find reason to worry about your loyalty. 


“We’re…going…to get…you…out…of here,” Thea whispered into Petunia’s ear, in breathy pants that she hoped would be unintelligible to any microphones. She rocked her body back and forth on Petunia’s belly, saying the words in her ear each time her body rocked forward so her mouth could reach Petunia’s ear. 

As Petunia faked moaning, with her hand on the back of Thea’s neck she wrote T-H-A-N-K-S with her finger, over and over again to be sure Thea understood. 


Is Petunia writing something on Cameron’s neck? Mark wondered; Funny: I never saw his dick go in her. Was he whispering something in her ear? “What’s Jack doing with the black bitch?” he asked, looking over at the video screen with Guy. 


Guy found Kusiima’s body to be irresistible, but his guilt from being involved in her having been shat upon deterred him from putting his dick in her. Instead, Guy had his face between her legs, and he ate her out. 

As he was licking her, he used his finger to write W-E-W-I-L-L-F-R-E-E-Y-O-U-A-L-L, again and again, on her left buttock, with his body hiding his writing from any hidden cameras, or so he was hoping. 


But Mark spotted the writing. Why is Jack tickling her ass with his finger? he wondered; Speaking of finger-tickling… Then he clicked a few buttons on the computer. 


Kusiima put her right hand on Guy’s ear, her fingertip resting on the earhole. Like Thea, he never noticed the brief numb feeling in his ear as Mark’s tech slipped inside. 


That night, Capitol was closed up and the Commodities were put to bed, each given a blue Creep to ensure sleep. Petunia had the following dream: 

She was crawling with Kusiima and Arunny through tunnels with walls made of flesh. The three naked women were each glowing a different colour: Petunia was yellow, Kusiima was blue, and Arunny was green. Their glowing gave them the light they needed to find their way through.  

Kusiima, who was in front, said, “I think I see the way out!” 

“You do?” Arunny, who was behind her, said. 

“Yes!” Kusiima said. “Let’s hurry. We’re almost there!” 

Petunia, trailing at the back, said, “Wait. Before I get out, there’s something I have to do.” 

“What?” Arunny asked. 

“This!” Petunia said, then she burst into flame. 

Kusiima and Arunny crawled out of a giant ear. They looked back into the ear-hole and saw the inner tunnels exploding into an inferno. Then Petunia crawled out. Her whole body was aflame, though she wasn’t at all injured by it. She looked like a nude, female version of Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four. 

The three women looked at the giant, burning body of Mark LeSaffre lying supine on the ground. His whole body was shaking. All three women grinned. 

“The Capitol building is burning inside, burning down to the ground,” Petunia said. “We’re all free.” 

Indeed, they saw all the other sex slaves crawling out of the ears, nostrils, and mouth of Mark’s giant body. To the right of his head was the Capitol sign. Around his body were cars in a parking lot; in the far background, all the other buildings of the city. 

Petunia lay there sleeping with a smile. 


Thea wasn’t sleeping so soundly, though: 

She, disguised as Cameron, was in the white room, lying on top of naked, supine Petunia, rocking back and forth on her belly. 

“I’m not Cameron,” she panted as she rubbed the strap-on dildo against Petunia’s belly. “I’m Thea. I’m going to get you out of here.” 

Petunia held up a piece of paper for Thea to see: it said, THANKS.  

Not concerned that ‘Free Mark’ might have seen it, Thea continued rocking on Petunia. She looked up at a mirror on the wall by Petunia’s head. She saw herself wearing the fake beard…though the beard seemed real. 

“I’m Cameron,” she said in an effortless bass vocal fry, looking down at Petunia’s crotch. Instead of seeing the strap-on dildo, though, she saw a real cock on her body, sliding in and out of Petunia’s pussy. “I’m Cameron Thewlis. I’m going to get you off here.”  

‘He’ came inside Petunia, then pulled ‘his’ cock out of her. Green come, in the form of wiggly, Creep-like worms, were spewing out of ‘his’ cock. ‘He’ saw some of them slither inside Petunia’s vagina. 

“What the fuck?” ‘he’ said, but now in the voice of Freemont Cummings, Thea’s and Guy’s father.  

‘He’ looked up at ‘his’ reflection in the mirror and saw Freemont’s face. 

“I sure love fucking whores,” ‘Freemont’ said, sticking his dick in Petunia’s pussy again. Then he said, in Thea’s voice, “I’d rather fuck whores than your Mom, Thea. You’d like it, too.” 

She woke up, her head rocketing up from the pillow and heaving a loud sigh. 

“Jesus Christ!” she gasped. “I’m not him. I’m not Cameron. I’m not ‘Free Mark’. I’m not Freemont. I’m not Dad!” Shaking, she began to sob. 

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