‘Creeps,’ an Erotic Horror Novel, Chapter Fourteen

That night, Petunia lay in bed, dreaming. 

Ken Maynard was fucking her from behind, his cock in her ass. Ricardo Davis was lying on his back underneath her, fucking her pussy. Then Mark LeSaffre approached her, unzipped his pants, and put his dick in her mouth. The three men were sliding in and out of her. Her moaning sounded almost as if she were enjoying it. 

Then the three men came at exactly the same time…but instead of feeling come shooting inside her, it felt like three Creeps: one shooting down her throat, one deep in her vagina, and one through her rectum and into her intestines. The men withdrew, zipped up their pants, and went away. 

Now she saw the three men crawling naked in tubes inside her body: in her intestines, or blood vessels. They were sweating and fearful as they hurried to find an exit. 

Then, she realized that it was she who was crawling in what seemed intestines…then the intestines were the metal tunnels in Capitol…the ‘Escape Hope Initiative’.  

A door on the wall on the other side of the room opened, waking her and Sam, whose head was right by it. He looked into the hole leading to the tunnel. 

He and Petunia were still dazed by the effects of the blue Creeps given to them several hours earlier. That daze made them both uncertain if they were awake or still dreaming. In any case, that hole in the wall, seen so many times before, seemed once again like a fresh chance to escape. 

I sucked one dick too many today, Sam thought; I’m going. I hope this isn’t a dream. 

He crawled through the hole; Petunia crept over and followed him in. In her eyes, what she was seeing seemed to be a continuation of what she’d just been dreaming. As with Sam, though, she hoped she really had woken up. 

Those waves I see going up and down all around me, she thought; I sure hope they’re drugs, not dream. 

He looked back at her as he kept crawling, hearing her panting in time with his. “Petunia?” he asked in a slurred voice. “Is that you?” 

“Yeah,” she said. “I’m sick of…fucking people…I hate.” 

“Me, too,” he panted. “If yellow Creeps…get me, I’ll welcome them. I die…every day…I suck dick…and take it…in the ass.” 

“So do I,” she said. “I don’t know…if I prefer…escaping…or being burned…by yellow Creeps.” 

They kept crawling, then Sam saw light up ahead. 

“We’re almost there,” he said. “I hope it’s warm out.” 

“I don’t know…how long…we’ve been here,” she slurred. “We never see…a calendar…or a window…to the outside…anywhere.” 

“Yeah. And the drugs…disorient us…so much…that we never…know the day…or the month. I hope it’s summer…out there.” 

The light was getting larger, and though his vision was too blurry to make out what was outside, he saw a window. 

“Freedom!” he shouted with a shot of adrenaline. “Others have escaped…The Capitol staff…have announced it…It must be true!” He hurried ahead. 


“That’s what you think,” Mark said, watching Sam and Petunia on the video screens in the Regulating Room, and hearing every word of their conversation through hidden microphones in the tunnel. He pressed a blue button. 


From behind, Petunia heard the screeching noises. 

Gasping, she looked back. Only blue Creeps were coming. 

“Oh, no!” she said, her shock of fear adrenalizing her. “Hurry Sam! They’re coming! Blue ones…to take us back…to our beds!” 

“I ain’t…going back in there.” 

He reached the window and looked out, blinking to try to focus better: at first, he saw only a white glow; then…wind and snow! 

A shock of adrenaline made his whole body move in spastic jerks. Those waves before his eyes were gone, and the freezing horror outside had a cruel clarity. 

“Oh, fuck me!” he shouted. “It’s the middle o’ fuckin’ winter! And we’re fuckin’ naked!” He began sobbing. 

“It’s winter?” she screamed. 

“A fuckin’ blizzard outside!” 


That’s right, nigger-boy, Mark thought with a smirk, then pushed a button opening the window. He pulled a lever, causing the floor of the tunnel Sam was sitting on to flip up, throwing Sam screaming out of the building and into a hill of snow. Get your aging black ass out of my building. 


“Sam!” Petunia screamed as the window slammed shut. Oh, please, God, she thought; let this just be a continuation of my dream. It would be the sweetest nightmare, if only it weren’t real! 

She did so much sobbing for her friend that she didn’t even notice the two Creeps that wiggled their way inside her vagina and anus. She barely fidgeted as they snaked their way deep inside her body. She wept herself to sleep in two minutes. Only now would her dreams resume. 

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