‘Creeps,’ an Erotic Horror Novel, Chapter Twelve

[some sexual content]

The next day, at lunchtime, Petunia was in the cafeteria, at a table with no one she’d ever chatted with before. Sam, however, was sitting at a table next to hers, him directly behind her. They turned and looked at each other without saying anything, for fear of the Capitol staff noticing. 

As she was eating, she noticed the door opening, with three men in suits coming in: she recognized all three of them—‘Free’ Mark, with Ken Maynard and Ricardo Davis! 

Sam looked up at them, too. “Maynard,” he mumbled, loud enough for Petunia to hear. 

A woman sitting across from Petunia looked over at the men and slurred, “Davis.” 

Petunia, in her drugged-out state, felt herself realizing again, as if for the first time, what she’d learned the first time Mark took her into a Capitol building in New York: those three men were running a fraudulent human trafficking business the whole time.  


Two hours later, Petunia was given Creeps to clean and deodorize her vagina and anus, as well as a green Creep in her vagina to make her passive and docile. An orange Creep went up her asshole to make her cheerful, sociable, and horny (it lubricated her anus, and caused her vagina to lubricate itself). 

She went into a VIP room, completely nude as usual, and with erect nipples. Two men in suits were there waiting for her: Davis and Maynard. 

“Hi, Petunia,” Maynard said, stroking her hair. 

“Long time, no fuck,” said Davis, caressing a breast.  

She just stood there with a grin so fake that the men knew it was…not that they cared at all. 

Oh, well, she thought; time to service these two bastards again. My body’s about to betray my soul…again. 

They unzipped their pants and pulled their hard cocks out. Maynard lay on his back on the bed, taking her by the hand and having her get on him on all fours. Davis got behind her, aiming his cock at her ass. Maynard slipped his cock in her pussy, and the fucking began. 

“You sure found…a winner…in her, Ricardo,” Maynard said. “Unh! It’s not easy…getting…white girls…for Capitol.” 

“No,” Ricardo grunted. “But she…sure made it…easy. Ah!” 

“She threw her…nakedness…at us. What a…slut. Oh!” 

“Got her…to do my…secretary…fantasy…and everything.” 

“She must’ve…been desperate…for work. Unh!” 

“Yeah…sat on my lap…and cried…a whole sob story…about…running away…from home…in Vancouver…perfect prey…knew you’d…like her.” 

“Yeah…I had her…goin’ about nude…everywhere…showin’ off…that body…to everybody…our business…associates…in the hotel rooms…on our floor…watching her…in the hall. Oh!” 

“You even…tested her…for lesbian sex, right? Ah!” 

“Yeah, with my…dyke maid…Rosa…filmed it, too…for all our…investors…to see…Ooh!” 

“No wonder…’Free’ Mark…was so…impressed…Unh!” 

All Petunia could do was listen in horror at the whole conspiracy confessed to her, knowing that—even without the Creeps controlling her mind—she could do nothing about these two creeps fucking her, or that other creep, ‘Free’ Mark. Would Guy and Thea help? If not, then what? 

The men came at almost the same time, staining her buttocks and vulva. Then they zipped up their pants and left. 

She just sat on the bed in a daze. 

Will I ever be in full control of my body again? she wondered as a tear ran down her cheek. 

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