‘Vamps’, Chapter Three: Kissing, Licking, and Sucking…

In the bedroom was a king size bed.  We went over and I got on it.  The dim light in the room was tolerable for the other women.

I was so distracted by my eagerness to have their mysterious method improve my looks, that it was only when I saw the other three strippers, well, stripping, that I remembered I still didn’t have any clothes on myself.

“Um, ladies, I’m straight,” I said.

“Why does that matter?” Andrea said, now in her navy blue lace bra and thong.

“What’s wrong with experimenting?” said the first stripper, also now in her underwear, a pink bra and panties.

“Well, we don’t even know each other,” I said.

“My name is Christina Ball,” the second stripper said, shaking my hand and letting her white panties drop to her feet.  She was now fully nude, and she got beside me on the bed.

“And I’m Meg Hamilton,” said the first.  “You already know Andrea.”  All three women were nude and on the bed with me now.

“OK, I know your names, and I’m Erica, if you didn’t already know,” I said, my voice a little shaky now with shyness.  “But that’s all we know about each other.”

“Erica, we’re knowing each other more and more these very seconds,” Andrea said, kissing me on the cheek and fondling my right breast.  I now felt six hands and three pairs of lips gently roaming all over my skin.

Christina, a short, curvy blonde with long curly hair–a sexy little pixie–was sucking on my other breast, her lips gently pulling on my erect nipple.  Meg, also a short, curvy long-haired blonde, was between my legs, having kissed her way from my belly down there and making my whole body vibrate with pleasure.  Indeed, my original misgivings about lesbian sex were quickly dissolving into delight.  These women had the hands of masseurs and the tongues and lips of masters.

I just lay on my back, closed my eyes, and received it all, more and more eagerly all the time.  I softly moaned my thanks to those great kissers, lickers, and suckers.

Andrea’s tongue was slithering in my right ear, then it slid down across my cheek to my mouth.  She plunged her tongue deep inside my mouth and tangled it with my tongue, massaging it and the roof of my mouth.  No man had ever French-kissed me so expertly!

She wouldn’t let me move my tongue around much; she kept it away from her teeth, so it usually only stayed in my mouth.  I wondered why she didn’t seem to want my tongue to dance around inside her mouth the way hers did in mine.  Not that this mattered at all: I was getting really hot!

Meg’s face was now buried in my hairy, wet nether regions.  She was exploring me inside and out.  My moans were now sighs and squeals.

Christina’s hands gently roamed and caressed my skin, her left going from my neck, which she was kissing, along my chest and down to my pubic region, then back up.  Her right hand slid up and down my left arm.

While I was loving this lay better than those of the very best male lovers of my past, I still didn’t see what lesbian lovemaking had to do with giving me a better-looking body.  I couldn’t complain, though.

As Meg continued to slide in and out of me, I cried, “Ooh!”

Though embarrassed at how dirty and smelly I was down there, I couldn’t deny how good her sensitive tongue felt.  I could feel myself approaching orgasm.  I was squirming and writhing, but with intense excitement.

If lesbian sex was typically this good, I was switching to gay, immediately.

Christina was sucking on my right breast now while pinching the nipple of my left.  Andrea was kissing my neck, lightly nibbling on it.  Was I about to get a hickey?

Her nibbling was always in small, careful bites; but on one or two occasions, I was sure I’d felt a tooth as sharp as a cat’s.  I didn’t think too much of it, though, for I was just sizzling with lust.

My sighs and squeals were growing into screams.  I was about to climax.

Meg was working hard, her tongue and lips going faster and faster.  I was buzzing down there!

Finally, I let it out like a dam exploding.  It was the best explosion of pleasure I’d ever had, but with a big shock.  That hickey I would get from Andrea bit sharply and deeply into my neck!  My pleasure was matched with an equally sharp pain.

“Aaaah!” I screamed.  I felt my blood being pulled out of me.

I lay there in a daze, as if I were stoned.  I felt my will strangely half given to Andrea.  I didn’t know why, but apart from the bite, I felt better, stronger, more powerful…and despite my stupor, even more intelligent.

“What did you…do to me?” I asked with lazy panting.  “Why did you bite me?”  I looked over at Andrea.

Then I saw her bloody, bared fangs.

Then those of Christina and Meg.

“Holy shit!” I gasped.  “Those men…my three escorts here…were right: there are vampires here…Either that,…or I’m as high…as a kite.”

“We told you our plan was radical,” Christina said.  “But go look at yourself in the mirror.”

“Yeah,” Meg said.  “See what we did for you.”

I got off the bed, still feeling woozy after that bite, and went over to the mirror, on the dresser on the other side of the room.  I gazed on my nakedness with amazement.

“Oh…my…God,” I said, my eyes and mouth wide open.

No more flab.  Not even a bit.

My skin was smooth, creamy, and fairer.  No blemishes.  I looked several years younger, even.

My tits, which used to be floppy, were now firm…and bigger!

My curves were curvier.

My hairy bush?  Not so hairy now: it appeared neatly trimmed, as if by magic.

I turned around to look at my ass, which was no longer dimply, but round and beautiful.  Then I spread my legs and bent over to see how everything looked down there.  What used to be hairy and raunchy-looking was now neat, trim, and totally pleasing aesthetically, like a porn star.

My body wasn’t quite as perfect as those of the three blonde beauties who’d just had…and transformed me, but the improvement on my looks was something I could only be awed about.

I grinned with delight, tears forming in my eyes.

Then, having straightened up and turned around again to face the mirror, I took a closer look at my teeth.  There was no blood on my neck; after Andrea’s sucking of my blood, the wounds healed remarkably quickly–indeed, the bite marks were a barely noticeable pair of tiny dots.  I didn’t have the vampire fangs of Meg, Christina, or Andrea (or, presumably, all of the other strippers in the POUM Club), but my corresponding teeth were noticeably sharper; apparently, I was turning into a vampiress slowly.

“Why don’t I have full vampiress teeth, like yours?” I asked.

“Because you need two more bites to become a full vampiress,” Andrea said.  “When you’ve had your third bite, your body will be as perfect as ours are.”

“You’ll also have all our powers,” Meg said.

“And our intelligence,” Christina said.  “And psychic connection with everything, which gives you access to all worldly knowledge.”

“Is that why you strippers talk like, well, university grads?” I asked.  “And what are these powers you brag of?”

“Superhuman strength,” Andrea said.

“Shape-shifting,” said Meg.  “Quick healing.”

“And mind control,” said Christina.  “That’s great for making the boys do what we need them to do.”

“OK, and what about us being the spawn of Satan?” I asked with a tremble.  “Aren’t we all doomed to Hell?”

“Bullshit,” Christina said.

“Vampirism has nothing to do with Christian ideas,” Meg said.  “That’s why neither crucifixes nor garlic can destroy us.”

“Holy water’s useless against us, too,” Andrea said.

“Vampirism is pre-Christian and pagan,” Meg said.  “There are ideas in Greek myth that are closer to what we’re all about.”

“Old chthonic religion,” Christina said.

I was hearing this highfalutin vocabulary for the first time ever, yet strangely…inexplicably (See?  Even I use those big words now!)…I could understand, intuitively, what the girls were talking about.  That must have been what Christina meant by having a ‘psychic connection’ giving ‘access to all worldly knowledge’.  I really was getting smarter as well as sexier!

“After your third bite, you won’t need food anymore,” Andrea said.  “But you will need blood to drink.”

“You won’t need money, either,” Meg said.  “We strip and hook for men’s blood.”

“Don’t you need money for rent, water, and electricity?” I asked.  “And I don’t hook, by the way.”

“You will,” Meg said, “and you’ll like it.  For to get the men to do our bidding after we bite them, getting them hot enough to come maximizes our chances of winning their wills to our cause.”

“Our psychic powers provide our water and electricity,” Andrea explained.  “As for paying the rent, we scare the landlords away, use mind control to keep them at bay, or suck them dry.  Mind control also gets our liquor supplier to give us free booze.  We’re all secure that way, don’t worry.  But speaking of security, we need you to do something for us.”

Andrea approached me, looking me straight in the eyes in a way that felt hypnotic.  She caressed my cheek and stroked my hair.  As I mentioned before, I felt my will to be half at her command, while my remaining will, though my own, was charmed enough by her to want to do her bidding.

“What do you want me to do?” I sighed, still feeling as if I were high.

“Our world here is in danger,” she said.  “Someone is trying to destroy us.”

“Who?” I asked.  “I thought the usual Christian things don’t hurt you.”

“No, but sunlight does,” Christina said.

“Man-made light makes us uncomfortable, but exposure to daylight will burn us to ash, within seconds,” Meg said with a frown of fear.

“We all sleep in our apartments in town during the day,” Andrea said, still stroking my hair and gazing mesmerizingly in my eyes.  “And there’s no way the mortals could ever find us; but they have, and the only explanation is that enemy vamps have been helping them.”

“Who are the enemy vamps?” I asked.

“That’s what we need you to find out for us,” Meg said.

“You’re only once-bitten,” Christina added.  “So you can still endure the daylight, though it will bother your eyes a little.”

“Wear sunglasses when you go outside,” Meg said.  “There are other vamp strip joints here in Caledonia,” Andrea said, caressing my cheek, her eyes locked on mine.  “The CNT Club, short for CUNT Club, and the PRICK SUCK Club, or PSUC Club.”

“The Christian community here has wanted all three of us out because we’re strippers, but our use of mind control has kept them from knowing where any of us live,” Christina said.

“The only way the mortals could possibly know of us is if other vamps informed them,” Meg said.

“Vamps who hate us, for some reason,” Christina said.

“Why do they hate us?” I asked.

“Competition for blood, we assume,” Meg said.  “Who knows?”

“I suspect the reason is more subtle than that,” Andrea said.  “And that’s what we need you to find out.  Tomorrow afternoon, go into town and ask who knows of the finding of Billie Bryson’s apartment.”

“Who’s Billie Bryson?” I asked.

“She was the stripper you’re replacing,” Christina said.  “The mortals found her place a week ago, broke in during the day, opened her bedroom windows to the bright afternoon sunlight, and burned her to a crisp, her screaming in pain as she died.”  A tear ran down her cheek.

“The CUNT Club vamps claim one of their girls was similarly destroyed around the same time, and the PSUC Club vamps claim they lost two in the same way,” Meg said.

“We think one of them, or maybe both of them, are lying,” Christina said.

“Go into town tomorrow,” Andrea said, kissing me on the lips.  “Ask the people there who led them to Billie’s apartment.  When they describe the vamp, who of course approached them at night, we’ll know who he or she was.”

“A mere description will be enough to know who?” I asked.

“Yes, it should be,” Andrea said.  “Our psychic abilities will connect with the mortals’ words, and then we’ll be able to sniff out the traitor amongst us.”

“How do you know the traitor isn’t a vamp here?” I asked.

“We’d know,” Meg said.  “The proximity of our own vamps would make detecting their treacherous thoughts easy.  The closer you physically are, the easier it is to read your mind.”

“Go and find the traitor,” Andrea said after giving me another peck on the mouth.  “Help us stop our enemies, then after two more lovemaking rituals, and two more bites, you’ll be a full vamp.  We’ll give you eternal life.”

“Eternal life?” I gasped.

“Yes,” Christina said.  “Just drink blood, avoid the sun, and make love with the men you suck so they’ll be our loyal and willing protectors.”

“Their bodies improve with each bite, too,” Meg said.  “As does their intelligence and sensitivity, so a man who started out as an asshole can quickly become a nice guy.”

“Sex with the men will never hurt; in fact, it’s always pleasurable for you as a vamp, no matter which man you’re with,” Andrea added.  “For we vamps are impervious to pain…only pain inflicted by other vamps, or the sun, can hurt us.”

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