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I was born in Canada in 1969, but I’ve been living in Taiwan, where I teach English as a second language, since the summer of 1996.  In my spare time, I’ve written music, poetry, and prose, some of which can be found here.

This blog has evolved, from my having just written analyses and synopses of Shakespeare plays, to my writing about literature in general, as well as film analyses, politics from a libertarianleaning Marxist perspective, and writings on psychoanalysis and narcissistic abuse…particularly the kind I suffered when living with my family.

Now, I’m trying to unify all these diverse strands into a coherent philosophy that combines dialectical materialism with dialectical monism (the latter belief system being a logical extension of the former, as I see it), and merging these with object relations theory. All literary and film analyses from now on will more explicitly involve interpretations from this Freudo-Marxist perspective.

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