‘The Targeter,’ a Surreal Novel, Chapter Nineteen

Whoa! Something else just shot by me, like the insect last time, only this time it touched me–it scratched past my right arm. If that was a flying insect speeding by, it was a big one.

I’d better check my arm…hey, blood! It cut a hole in my shirt sleeve, and there’s a cut on my arm. No insect would do that. Was it a bullet?

My ongoing ketamine high is still desensitizing me to pain. I’d really be groaning if I was sober. The blood is really staining my sleeve.

More gunshots, just over my head, about three of them! I’m too stoned to be scared, but my comrades, these Chinese who’ve helped me cross the road from the park with the temple on the other side, they sure look scared! Where are they taking me?

I feel like I’m here and not here at the same time…or here one moment, and elsewhere at another, for example, floating in the sky, or swimming in the ocean. I sense that I’m in danger, but it feels like a dream I’ll wake up from soon enough.

Another gunshot flew by! I felt it touch my neck, on the left side, a slight grazing. Let me check: yes, more blood on my hand where I touched the grazing. I, the targeter for a world of peace, love, and social justice, am the targeted by these warmongers!

Who are they? I’m so wasted that it’s hard to think straight. I’m trying to focus on the action I see on the streets, as my comrades are taking me God knows where. Soldiers in uniforms are running up and down the street, firing at each other. I see a few tanks, also. Whoa!…a boom and a flash of light in the night sky!

Who are these people? I’m trying, in the midst of my peaking high (recall that pill I took in the park…it’s really adding to the mix, whatever it was…ecstasy? Who knows.), to remember the earlier events of this night leading up to now. My brain is floating in the air one moment, swimming in an ocean of stonedness the next.

Needing a moment to remember my Mandarin…OK, I’ll ask these guys with me. “What’s happening? Who’s shooting at us?”

One of them says, “Dawei…” something. It’s hard to hear clearly over all the shooting and explosions all around us. Being on drugs doesn’t make interpreting Chinese any easier, either, of course. I’ll need a moment…what is ‘dawei’ in English? Is it ‘captain’? Is it ‘the great one’?

Wait! ‘Dawei’ is David! Yes, that’s it! My cousin David has his followers, who are coming after me. My followers defeated his for a while, but now they’ve regrouped, and are making a fresh attack!

My followers, who have also grown in number, are trying their best to repel his followers, but his followers are growing in number, too, and perhaps are setting up more and more rival organizations to stop mine. David is relentless! He’s probably aiding the ruling class to stop us and grab power for himself.

These people shooting at me were probably sent by David to assassinate me! Yes, that’s it! If he has me killed, my movement will be decapitated, and then he can take over. That’s his plan!

Wait! Something just flew by me, something really big. It made a huge, roaring sound, like an engine, as it went by. What was it? I’ll look back and see.

Nothing there. My comrades are really hurrying me to wherever they want me to be. Somewhere safe, I assume. Oh, my sometimes floating, sometimes swimming mind….

I hear that roaring sound coming back from behind. I’ll look back: it’s hard to see in the dark, especially when you’re high on K.

Another explosion in the sky has caused a flash of light, and I saw something coming at me, just higher than my head. Was it some kind of helicopter, flying low, with gunners trying to shoot at me? More gunshots are flying past, coming very close to my body, but not hitting me.

Yet another flash of light in the sky has illuminated the approaching thing, which looks greyish and big.

Wait…an elephant? Has David sent a roaring elephant to chase and trample me? That’s it!

Whoa!…my comrades and I are dodging the elephant as it runs by. That was a close one!

I’ll hold out my hand and send out some vibrations of peace and love to calm the elephant. There…sending out some good vibes. It’s turning around, ready to come back at me. Hey, another explosion and flash of light in the sky, right by the elephant! It has fallen on the road, many yards in front of my comrades and me. My vibes seem to have pacified the animal, which is now lying on the road, peacefully asleep. Good.

Now I see a man running up to me, with an angry look. Hey, he’s white! What does he want? If I get a chance to talk to him, I can just use English. He’s dressed in a military uniform. Is he an American?

I need to blink my eyes a few times to focus and see him better. My comrades are shouting at him, trying to say something in very broken English, hard to understand, but it sounds hostile: “You! Go away! No hit us!” is as much as I can make out in my wasted state.

What does the white man have in his hand–an axe? Since when do soldiers carry axes? He’s getting closer. I can see his face more clearly now…it’s David! He’s come to kill me!

One of my followers, those men who’ve been escorting me to safety, has come to my defence. He’s struggling with David, trying to stop him from hitting me with the axe (or is it an ice-pick?).

David is proving himself stronger, and he’s overpowering my friend. Oh, no! David just cracked the guy’s skull open with the axe, and there’s blood all over the place; but one of my other comrades is moving in on David. He just kicked David in the gut.

The axe has fallen out of David’s hand. My friend just picked it up. Whoa! He just hit David in the side of the head with the axe…or ice pick. I’m so stoned that I can’t see clearly in the dark. All I see is David’s corpse on the side of the road, with his blood flowing into a nearby gutter.

BOOM! Another explosion just flashed a bright light in the sky and has shaken the ground under my feet. At least, I think that’s what just happened. I see that hole in the ground where David’s blood is flowing. Is it the gutter, or…is it a crack in the ground, from the earthquake?

Yes, that’s it! A huge black crack in the earth, just opened into a hole…and down goes David’s body into that hole, him and all the blood that was flowing into it before. The earth just opened up and swallowed him!

With his rival movement just decapitated, as it had tried to decapitate mine, his followers can now join mine. We can now move forward in unity and solidarity, to defeat the island’s ruling class, end this war, and establish social and economic justice!

I see good times ahead.

Whoa! More gunfire!

It’s a good thing I ducked in time.

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