‘The Targeter,’ a Surreal Novel, Chapter Sixteen

What was that thud I just heard…and felt? My followers and I just came down from the air to hit the ground. It didn’t really hurt; my ketamine high is still protecting me, desensitizing me to pain.

Some people are running over to us. They’re helping my followers and me to get up. I see them all talking to each other, with expressions of care and concern on their faces. I can’t quite make out what they’re saying, since those loud explosions and the machine-gun-like noise of the fireworks and firecrackers we started hearing a minute ago have caused a ringing in my ears, a temporary deafness.

Wait: my hearing is coming back. Apart from the continuing firecracker noise in the background, I’m hearing fragments of Mandarin, people saying to me, “You…good…Are you OK?…you are great!…Do you need help?…” and so on.

I know! They’re saying that I’m good, great, a great revolutionary leader! They are offering to help us in spreading our spiritual message of love and revolution! With the help of these people, we can overthrow the ruling class and transform society from one motivated only to make profits to one motivated to provide for everybody’s needs.

More loud explosions and flashing lights in the sky. No, they aren’t fireworks. I’m hearing machine gun fire, not firecrackers. It isn’t Chinese New Year, or anything like that. There’s a war going on around us, a revolutionary war to topple the warmongering ruling class!

I don’t like war. I abhor violence, but we cannot get rid of the rich and powerful without it. We cannot achieve our goals by inviting the wealthy to eat, as our dinner guests.

I see my new followers have set me under that tree again, the tree for meditating. They’re touching my cheeks, arms, and legs as if they’re treating wounds on my body. How thoughtful of them.

I’ll close my eyes and meditate again. I’m no soldier; I’d be hopeless holding a rifle, so I’ll leave all the fighting to my comrades, some of whom I see running by on the street, firing machine guns.

BOOM! Wow, another explosion causing the ground near us to shake. I’d rather not deal with such nastiness in my still-stoned state. I need to relax.

With my eyes closed now, I can help the situation as I know how to. My meditative thoughts can influence my surroundings by sending good vibes that will radiate outward and inspire those around us with thoughts of peace and love.

My followers and I may be the targeted, that is, targets of the warmongering ruling class, but I am the targeter, that is, he who targets them and hits them with my vibes of peace and love.

In my meditative state, I can feel those vibes ripple in growing, centrifugal circles around me, like water in a lake after you drop a stone in it. Yes, the vibes are in me and around me. I’m melting again, into a sea of love and bliss. My water is growing all around me, soaking everyone in the immediate area and fanning outwards to reach other people further away, inspiring love, discipline, and self-control in all of them, comrade and non-comrade alike, in my followers and all of those who will be my followers.

The water that was my body is everywhere now. The banging of bombs and rat-tat-tat of machine gun fire are being muted and they are all submerged in my growing ocean. Hatred is being tamed by my power. War is being transformed into peace, thanks to me!

Is someone picking me up and taking me away? No, that can’t be: I’m all water now–no hands can grab me and move me anywhere. I move myself.

I won’t open my eyes; I don’t want to see what’s going on as the other people see it at their lower level of consciousness. I am in such a state of beautiful bliss that I never want to be woken from it.

In this peaceful state, I can never die! As endless water, I am no longer limited with a human body!

Still, I should get an idea of what’s going on out there. I’ll return to my human form. I’m sucking back all the water, making it congeal and concentrate onto me, sculpting, as it were, the waters to make them conform to the shape of my body.

There, I’m back. Fearing what horrors of war could be out there, I’ll open my eyes only the slightest bit. I no longer seem to be under the tree. Someone moved me. Now I’m on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building, with the street immediately in front of me.

…and what’s that on the road? A tank, with its gun turret pointed to face me, the end of the tank gun pointed right at my face? I need to blink my eyes a few times and focus, just to be sure.

No, it isn’t a tank…it’s a giant snake, its head a few inches away from my face! Its forked tongue is hanging out from between its long, pointy fangs. Its eyes are fixed on mine; its mouth is curled up in a malign grin.

I hear the chatter of terror among my crowd of followers. Again, I can make out only fragments of Chinese: “Do what?…Finished!…Shi neige.”–were those last two words “…is that” in Chinese, or were they “snake,” pronounced clumsily in English? I’m so stoned!

Well, I see a snake, so I’d better use my powers as a great spiritual man and tame this giant monster. I’ll send out more of my vibes of peace and love…that should de-escalate the situation.

The vibes are flying out of my fingers and at the snake’s green face. It’s closing its mouth…slowly, hiding those long, sharp fangs. Its eyes are not so fixed on mine now. Its head it recoiling a bit. The fearful voices of my followers are getting softer, calmer. My vibes are calming everyone, not just the snake.

Now, the snake is turning away from me, its head pointing to my right. I see it slithering away down the street, with the grinding sound of…the road wheels of a tank? No, it’s a giant snake, I tell you…its slinking body making friction against the pavement.

All the people behind me are heaving sighs of relief. I tamed the snake…I saved us! I’m a hero! They all love me! The vibes I can send out are a tried-and-true way to influence the world and bring us all peace and plenty.

With the continuing sound of explosions and gunfire, I can still feel safe with my new powers.

God, K gives such a great high!

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